How To Support Artists

The current situation in the world, has brought challenges to us all, we have been learning to adapt in ways we never thought we would have to. As artists we have quickly lost our largest source of income (live shows) and have been trying to find ways to add value to our communities of listeners, and continue to support ourselves. Below are four ways you can continue to support me during this time. If financial support is not a possibility for  you right now sharing posts and following my social media pages are a great help, and they are also linked below at the bottom of the page! I encourage you to not only do this for myself but for any artist you enjoy.  

 Thank you for continuing to support the arts, and the creation of music. Together we will adapt and continue to bring art into the world. 

xx Katherine 

Katherine Fischer - London ontario Musician

Virtual Tip Jar

A one time contribution to help me continue to create music in this tough time.

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Music & Merch

Physical and digital copies of both EP's, t-shirts + more!

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A monthly donation with various tiers and exclusive perks starting at

$3/ month! 

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Outdoor Concerts

Host a private outdoor concert for you and your friends / family / community or for your virtual event! 

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